Winter Checklist to Keep Pets Safe & Healthy

Winter is coming and it’s time to put away our shorts and tanks and take out our sweaters and jeans. It’s also time to start looking around our houses and apartments to make sure that any winter items we have out are safe around our pets and to make sure they are warm during the cold months ahead too.

Winter Checklist for Pets:

βœ“ Keep the car winterizing chemicals out of reach from children and pets
βœ“ Use de-icers for the sidewalks and driveway that are pet safe like Safe Paw”
βœ“ Doggie coat to keep body heat in and snow and rain out
βœ“ Doggie boots to keep rock salt and other debris out of the paws and keep feet warm
βœ“ High protein pet food or supplements for your active pup
βœ“ Playtimes limited to make sure no one freezes or becomes a β€œpupsicle”
βœ“ Towels by the door to wipe off wet snow, ice, and clean the paws after being outside
βœ“ Keep up on grooming to remove debris and loose dead fur
βœ“ Everyone is inside at night
βœ“ Pet beds placed away from drafty windows
βœ“ ID tags and information up to date just in case

If you’re unsure what else your pet may need, always check with your vet. Have a fun winter!

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