WOOF! BarkWorld Expo 2010

There is a brand new pet event happening this summer in Atlanta, Ga for all pet owners who use Facebook, Twitter, Dogster, and other social media applications for their pets. The expo is will have products and services for pets.

BarkWorld Expo will be an avenue for the social media anipals (this is what twitter animals are called) and those who are new to the world of social media to find vendors, pet-care businesses, and charities under one woof, err, roof.

It is believed there are about 69,000 anipals on Twitter, BarkWorld is hoping to get a number of them together to network, shop, and talk about pet-related businesses, organizations, and awareness to make the world a little brighter for animals. If you’re a business owner who is new to the world of Twitter, Facebook, and other media – BarkWorld could be the perfect venue to learn how all these applications can benefit and grow your business.

BarkWorld is the brainchild of Denise Quashie. According to her dog, Frankie Beans, it was exhausting to try out new toys, diets, and tips. Upon joining Twitter and participating in pawparties, Frankie decided it would be better if there was a forum where humans can network, trade tips, learn new ways to perfect their Social Media skills and learn about products and services that enrich the lives of their furry friends.

BarkWorld will be a three-day Expo, here’s the schedule so far:

August 20, 2010
Marketer Day!
Social Media strategies for the small & large pet related businesses as well as non-profit organizations and associations

August 21, 2010
Pet Lover & Owner Day!
Social Media strategies, marketing for pet owners and non-profits. Expo hall open!

August 23, 2010
Charity Pet Fashion Show – Now accepting entries from pet clothing and packaging designers. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Before the Expo weekend there will be a series BarkUp Charity TweetUps® to help raise money for pet charities. To stay up to date you can follow BarkWorld on Twitter: http://twitter.com/barkworldexpo


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