World’s Oldest Dog Dies At Age 26

Back in August we talked about the oldest dog alive, Pusuke. Pusuke was a shiba mix who lived in Japan and almost made it to be 27. He had gained notoriety in the Guiness Book of World Records and was in good health due to the care and love his owner had given to him since he was a puppy. In dog years, he was about 185 years old!

This past month Pusuke had become very ill and refused to eat. He had also refused to go on his morning walk and didn’t seem energetic at all. He was having some difficulty breathing as well. His owner had gone out for a walk and when she returned, Pusuke passed away.

It’s often been said or believed that our pets give us signs or sometimes wait for us to be there before they die. When we read and learn about all the stories owners have of their beloved pets passing away, it’s hard to not believe it.

Pusuke had been injured by a car when he was younger and it was believed he wouldn’t survive but he did and ended up having a long, happy, and healthy life. His owner says she is thankful to have had him in her life for as long as she did. He was loved greatly and died surrounded by his human family.

Pusuke was recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living dog last December (Picture courtesy of: AP)


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