Your Dog Ate What? 2013’s Most Unusual Claims to VPI

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is a pet insurance company that many pet owners use to help with medical costs. Like our own medical insurance, claims are submitted by pet owners to alleviate the costs of caring for their pets. This past year VPI received some unusual claims of what pets ate out of the 6,700 foreign objects that pets ingested. All the pets made full recoveries and received reimbursements for eligible expenses.

VPI recently compiled a list of the strangest things pets have eaten in 2013, here are some of the claims, to read the rest check out their post.

2013 Most Unusual Claims

  • Loaf of bread, eight hamburger buns, and six hot dog buns
  • Eight jumbo crayons
  • Pound of raisins
  • Mint cookies, box of mac and cheese, crackers, and Pop Tarts
  • Bible
  • Shoe sole
  • Bed sheets
  • TV remote control
  • Golf ball
  • Hairbrush
  • Fire starter log
  • String of Halloween lights
  • Two points of leaves and grass

Has your pet ever eaten something odd? Let us know.

Image from Pets.WebMD

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