Allegiant Air is an American airline that operates scheduled and chartered flights. The headquarters are located in Enterprise, Nevada and was founded in 1997 originally under the name WestJet Express. Allegiant Air targets smaller cities with limited passenger airline services and focuses on leisure travelers who may be traveling from colder climates to warmer ones. The airline offers a lower frequency of flights and tends to carry fewer business class passengers.

Allegiant Air Pet Policy

Pets are accepted on flights in the passenger cabin. All pets must be in an FAA approved carrier that fits under the seat. Passengers traveling with pets will not be seated in exit rows or one row before or after the exit row.

Transport Rules

  • There is an extra $100 fee per one-way flight for each carrier in the cabin, with no more than 2 pets per carrier
  • Your pet must travel in a container that is ventilated
  • During the flight your pet cannot be taken out of its carrier
  • Passengers must be at least 15 years old to bring a pet on-board.Important Tip:
    You must register your pet in advance of your flight by contacting Allegiant Air. To book a reservation with a pet, please call 702-505-8888 and tell the agent that you are traveling with your pet.

    Pets in the Cabin: Allegiant Air Policy

    With prior approval from booking your tickets, you may transport in the cabin:

        • Dogs and cats must be older than 12 weeks and have proof of required vaccinations to travel
        • Dogs and cats are the only approved animals allowed on Allegiant Air flights
        • Guide dogs are allowed regardless of their weight and size
        • Carriers can be no larger than: 19in x 16in x 9in
        • Health certification is not necessary for pets traveling in the cabin.

    For more details about Allegiant Air’s pet policies, please see this page of the website

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9 thoughts on “Allegiant Air

  1. My wife and I recently traveled with Allegiant. In the future, we plan on travelling with you again, and we may also bring along our dog. I see the requirements to bring a dog on board. However, on several occasions I noticed dogs being taken on and from the ship on leash and not in a carrier. If not in a carrier, are there any special requirements or limitations?

    Jeff Brady

  2. I am bringing my dog, a Yorkie , 10 lbs in the cabin for the first time. She is my Emotional support . I am worried there will be an issue from all i have read lately. I have a doctor’s note. I will also bring carrier but i need to pet her so i stay calm. Also, is she considered my free carryon if I am bringing her in the cabin? Or can i bring a free backpack? Does need a heath certificate? If so, when does it have to be dated?
    What happens if you dont like my doctor’s note? She has with me.

    I am a senior. Will i be tsa pre ck even with her?

  3. I already booked my flight but I have decided that I want to bring my dog along with me so how do I add my pet to my flight

  4. My wife and I have already confirmed booking with stated PET IN CABIN on our confirmation paperwork. Flight leaves Sanford-Orlando, May 4 on to Kansas City and returns Monday, May 7th. Do I still need to contact 702-505-8888 as when I call I am forever on hold.

  5. I have been trying to call 702-505-8888 and am continuing to be on hold for 3 days now. All I am trying to do is add a pet to my flight thank you. My flight is in 2 days.

  6. That is my question I have a 13 week old Chihuahua that is being trained to be my therapy dog emotional support dog basically and I’ve already booked my flight am I going to have to go through and rebook it or how’s that going to work for me I have the documentation saying that she’s my therapy dog so what do I need to do is what I’m asking I guess

  7. Can I book a seat for my dog in his carry on case. 1 seat for me and 1 seat for him. Side by side

  8. Can I book 2 seat 1 for me 1 for my dog in his carry on case he is 12 he can set by me

  9. I am buying a puppy in Pennsylvania and flying to Florida 2 days later. She will not have all her shots by then, just the ones from the breeder. Can I still bring her?