KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij) is headquartered on the grounds of Amstelveen, near its hub in Amsterdam Airport. It is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. KLM operates worldwide passenger and cargo services to more than 90 destinations. It is also the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. The merger of KLM with Air France in 2004, created Air France-KLM and is part of the Sky Team Alliance.

KLM Pet Policy

The rules for pet transportation vary depending on your country and destination. On some aircrafts and certain destinations, pets my be restricted or limited. Pets may travel in the cabin, baggage, or be transported as cargo depending on size and destination. Special rules apply for service animals that are trained to assist passengers with disabilities or rescue teams.

Transport Rules

    • Your pet must travel in a container that is ventilated.
    • During the flight your pet cannot be taken out of its carrier.
    • Health certificates and travel documents must be presented before flights.
    • Certain destinations may have a quarantine period, consult the embassy before booking your flight of your final destination.

Important Tip:
You must register your pet in advance of your flight by contacting KLM at least 48 hours in advance. If you don’t register your pet ahead of time, your pet will not be permitted on the flight.

Pets in the Cabin: KLM Policy

A small cat or dog may travel in economy class on all KLM flights and in business class within Europe:

        • Dogs and cats must be older than 15 weeks and have proof of required vaccinations to travel.
        • Dogs and cats weighing less than 18 lbs including the weight of the carrier.
        • Cases must not exceed 46 (length) x 28 (width) x 24 (height) in centimeters. Pet must be able to stand up and lie down comfortably.
        • Guide dogs are allowed regardless of their weight and size

Pets in the Baggage Compartment: KLM Policy

        • Pets that exceed 18 lbs may travel in the hold, or baggage area.
        • Carriers must comply with IATA rules.
        • Total weight of pet and carrier must not exceed 165 lbs.
        • Pets cannot be put in hold of Fokker airplanes between November 1 and March 31 because it can’t be heated.
        • English and French bulldogs, Boston terriers and pugs cannot travel in the hold or as cargo.

For more details about KLM’s pet policies, please see this page of the KLM website

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