Pet Friendly Road Trip Planner Find Hotels Along the Way

Pet Friendly Road Trip PlannerFind Hotels Along the Way

Pet-Friendly Airbnbs

Pet friendly Airbnbs are a great choice for people traveling with pets. If you’re looking for a unique stay that offers more privacy and more freedom, as well as the ability to feel like you actually live in your new surroundings, then pet friendly Airbnbs are the way to go.

They fill the hospitality sweetspot between hotels and vacation rentals. And while you will not find all the amenities that upscale hotels offer (room service, concierge services, cleaning staff, and dining and fitness facilities, etc.), Airbnbs give you the ability to be more independent and to call your own shots, like deciding if you want to eat out or just stay in and cook your own meal—just one among many choices that aren’t options at most hotels.

And while there is an obvious similarity between rentals and Airbnbs, Airbnbs offer much more diversity and tend to be less regimented than typical rentals that are run by professional property managers. There is often a more personal feel because you deal with the owners themselves. There is also is a lot more variety with regard to what’s available in Airbnbs, running the gamut from a bedroom in somebody’s home to a fully decked-out beach house that can handle your whole extended family.

Most importantly for people with pets, Airbnbs makes travel easier on your favorite animal. In most cases, there are no lobbies or public spaces to navigate through like you would in a hotel. You are simply moving from one private property to another, a transition that seems tailor made for pets who appreciate, above all, all the comforts of home—whether it’s your home or not.

So next time you’re heading out on the road, consider a pet friendly Airbnb. Your best friend will be glad you did.

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