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Lakeside Motel & Cottages
515 East Park St., Harrison, MI 48625
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We rented one of the cottages on the property and took along our rat terrier. They have very strict rules about where the dogs can walk, call to nature, etc. Everytime the man of the house came around and saw our dig, he berated us about something - dogs aren't allowed at the front of the cottages, dogs must be taken around back, no dogs south of the boat dock . . . I ask you, how am I to get my dog in the cottage if they aren't allowed be the only entrance (front door)? The grounds were large, lake front but seemed overgrown. Maybe the owner was having a bad week? They have two dogs of their own that constantly barked as us every time we walked by . . . but the price was very reasonable and the cottage was well stocked and clean. The lake was pretty with lots of birds, fish, flowers. Just don't assume friendly when bringing your pet.
Good stay
We found it clean owner very friendly we were given the rules regarding pet and they are very easy to follow you as owner must follow them. The review from prior they cannot follow rules we would rent again. Thank you.
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