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Dogwoods Retreat
164 Breckenridge Trial, Brevard, NC 28712
Amazing Vacation Spot
The Dogwoods Retreat is the BEST pet friendly spot I've ever stayed at. It was DESIGED for pet friendliness! The owners are amazing and there is no shortage of outdoor activities but the cabins are lush enough to just hang out with you pooch and not leave. This is the PERFECT get away...and make sure you drive the Blue Ridge on your way out of town.
The most dog friendly place on the planet!
This place is unbelievable! Down to private fenced yard surrounding your cabin, the luxury dog beds provided, to the optional dog training sessions available by the owner. Oh and yeah they didn’t forget about us people either there’s luxury mattresses for us in a hot tub under the stars along with other top notch amenities. The location is great 10 minutes from the wonderful town of Brevard in 10 minutes from DuPont State Forest and other wonderful mountain activities (including the blue Ridge Parkway) all within minutes not hours of your cabin. We drove all the way from Minnesota just for a stay here and we will definitely be back!!!!
DogWoods is awesome!!
DogWoods Retreat afforded a much-needed break from the crowded, busyness of life for me and my two dogs, Charlie (Hound), and Dutch (Mountain Cur). The cabin itself has all the amenities of day-to-day life, with multistoried decks overlooking a dense forest of hardwood trees. I do not have a backyard at my apartment, so leashing up the dogs several times a day is a part of my daily routine to keep them exercised and their bladders empty. The fenced-in, spacious play area for them to explore at their leisure allowed for all of us to go at our own pace and relax. I sunk into the hot tub on the deck and was able to see the canopy of western North Carolina stars as Dutch and Charlie, checking in every now and then, continued their free-range ways into the night before they collapsed onto the luxury dog beds, dog tired. The Japanese have a word for the restoration that takes place in the body from being surrounded by the trees and breathing in the fresh air: Shinrin-yoku, which translates as “forest bathing.” Forest bathing produces the healing effects of improving mental and physical health and stress reduction, which is exactly what I and I know my dogs felt when we left DogWoods Retreat!
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