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Super 8 Motel - Cabot
15 Ryeland Drive, Cabot, AR 72023
Older Super Eight not sure I would go back
We had to go to Cabot to pick up a horse trailer and our daughter found out for us there was a Super 8 that took dogs and sent me the phone number on the phone. I called, got a reservation and was told the pet fee was $5.00. That was fine, no problem. I had already put the room on my credit card, when we got there we found out they had put the room on my husband's credit card, which I have no idea how they got his number, I had given the gentlemen my credit card number, not my husbands. THen the lady said the pet fee was $10.00 not $5.00, again not a problem, willing to pay it. Things were just confusing. As I said this is a older super 8, water leaked out of the faucet, a towel bar fell down when I tried to put a wash cloth on it. And, I'm pretty sure anyone could have pushed the door down to get in; You could see the outside lights through the side of the door, not very safe. Just felt I needed to vent.
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