We've upgraded our Road Trip Planner program so that you can now choose only the hotels you are considering, rather than getting driving directions that include every hotel along your route. If you do want to include every hotel, simply click on the box next to 'Add All Hotels to Your Trip' and they will all be included. We've also added the capability for you to drag your route to a different road if you'd rather get to your destination by an alternative route. When you drag your route, the hotels will change in accordance with the new road you've chosen. Finally, we've added an edit bar at the top of the map if you want to change departure or destination cities, or to add a stopover. Check out the diagrams below to see how to use these new features.

Hopefully, by being able to choose your own itinerary, edit your results, and save, send or print your final route, you will have the flexibiity to plan the perfect road trip with your favorite animal(s). Awesome! And pleae let us know any features you would like to see added and we'll get on it right away.

Happy Travels!

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