Livermore - Pet-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes


White Crane Winery

5405 Greenville Road,
Livermore, CA
Pet Friendly White Crane Winery in Livermore, CA
White Crane Winery is a dog friendly winery. Dogs are allowed in the tasting room and picnic area, and on the patio.

Retzlaff Vineyards Estate Winery

1356 South Livermore Ave.,
Livermore, CA
Pet Friendly Retzlaff Vineyards Estate Winery in Livermore, CA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Swirl on the Square

21 S Livermore Ave.,
Livermore, CA
Pet Friendly Swirl on the Square in Livermore, CA
Outdoor seating allows pets

BoaVentura de Caires Winery

9309 Tesla Rd.,
Livermore, CA
Pets welcome on the patio

Longevity Wines Tasting Room

35 Rickenbacker Circle,
Livermore, CA
Pet Friendly Longevity Wines Tasting Room in Livermore, CA
Outdoor table allow dogs