Walnut Creek - Pet-Friendly Malls


Broadway Plaza Shopping Center

1275 Broadway Plaza,
Walnut Creek, CA
Downtown outdoor shopping district with many pet friendly stores. I have taken my well behaved Samoyed into Nordstrom's, Macy's and Victoria's Secret stores to name a few. The only store that would not allow us in is a place called Claire's that sells inexpensive teenage jewelry. So go to Nordstrom's where the doorman welcomes you and their outdoor cafe serves as a great place to stop for a fresh drink of water. Tip: I have found this type of outing more suited to browsing and my purchases (shoes, hoisery, jewelry) while accompanied by my dog do not require a trip to the dressing room. Realizing what a rare privilege it is to have my dog with me while shopping, I am very careful to have her under direct leash control at all times.