Canon City - Pet-Friendly Tourist Attractions


Buckskin Joe Frontier Town & Railway

1193 CR 3A,
Canon City, CO
This is a tourist attraction just west of Canon City. We just moved here and heard about this place from the locals. This is a great place to bring your dog and truly a pet friendly place. We were able to bring Jasmine our golden into this park go into all of the gift shops and buildings, ride the trolley, ride the train with her and even got to eat with her in the bar inside, not outside. They had a water bowl for her and some treats. I have been to other places that are supposed to be "pet friendly" but you can't go into any of the stores or eating places or you may even have to kennel them. Not this place she got to do everything we did and we all had a blast. I would recommend this to anyone visiting Colorado with their pets. We bought a season pass and will be going back many times this summer!