Venice - Pet-Friendly Dog Parks


Paw Park at the Beach in Venice

Venice, FL
In Venice, FL there is ANOTHER Paw Park!! This one has opened in May 2001. It is located West of the Airport, and South of the "Sharky's" Rest. and pier. There are double gates to get into the park, a fenced area for small, timid dogs and thru another set of gates - the Beach!! It is open for various hours - so's not to disturb the private houses in the area. There are doggie bag dispensers, a fresh water station, a shower and shaded picnic tables!! Oh, and it is FREE! It is a Sarasota County park.

Venice Dog Park

Harbor Drive,
Venice, FL
Venice Dog Park on the Gulf of Mexico. Parking, dog play areas, beach access and dog area on the beach, pet fountain, sitting areas. Harbor Drive south and west of the airport.