Mellow Mushroom Savannah

11 W Liberty St.,
Savannah, GA
Sit at the patio and you can bring Fido with.

The Gallery Espresso

234 Bull Street,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly The Gallery Espresso in Savannah, GA
Outdoor seating allows pets

The Firefly

321 Habersham St.,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly The Firefly in Savannah, GA
Patio is pet friendly

B. Matthew's Eatery

325 E. Bay St.,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly B. Matthew's Eatery in Savannah, GA
Dogs welcome on the patio. What started out as a casual deli and bakery has evolved into a full-service eatery with menus that feature a variety of traditional and New American-style dishes. We use fresh, seasonal, high-quality ingredients and source locally when possible.

Cafe at Forsyth Park

621 Drayton Street,
Savannah, GA
Pooch Patio

The Sentient Bean

13 E Park Ave.,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly The Sentient Bean in Savannah, GA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Six Pence Pub

245 Bull St.,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly Six Pence Pub in Savannah, GA
Pets welcome on patio

Wild Wing Cafe

27 Barnard St.,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly Wild Wing Cafe in Savannah, GA
Bring your pet with and enjoy our outdoor seating area.

Belford's Savannah Seafood and Steaks

315 W Saint Julian St.,
Savannah, GA
Dogs welcome on the patio

Venni Van Go Go's

City Market,
Savannah, GA
912 233639
Some say it's the best pizza place in Savannah. They bring water out for your pets and are rumored to even clean up accidents. Fantastico!

Wright Square Cafe

21 W. York Street,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly Wright Square Cafe in Savannah, GA
Outdoor seating allows dogs

Clary's Cafe

404 Abercorn St.,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly Clary's Cafe in Savannah, GA
Dog are welcome on the patio

Soho South Cafe

12 W. Liberty St.,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly Soho South Cafe in Savannah, GA
Dogs welcome on the deck

J. Christopher's

122 E Liberty,
Savannah, GA
Pet Friendly J. Christopher's in Savannah, GA
Bring Fido if you plan on sitting outdoors.

Moon River Brewing Company

21 W Bay St.,
Savannah, GA
Dogs welcome on the patio


Keegan's Irish Pub Vinings

4687 S Atlanta Rd SE #224,
Smyrna, GA
Pet Friendly Keegan's Irish Pub Vinings in Smyrna, GA
Sit on the patio and bring your dog with

St Marys

Cedar Oak Cafe

304 Osborne Street,
St Marys, GA
Patio dogs allowed

Blue Goose on Osborne

126 Osborne St.,
St Marys, GA
Pet Friendly Blue Goose on Osborne in St Marys, GA
Outdoor patio allows dogs

Riverside Cafe

106 St Marys St,
St Marys, GA
Pet Friendly Riverside Cafe in St Marys, GA
Bring your pet with and enjoy our outdoor seating area.



600 Lovett Road,
Statesboro, GA
In Statesboro, Georgia, there is an ice cream place called Bruster's. It has a drive-thru and an ordering station in the front where you walk up, order, and get your food. All of the dining tables are outside. Pets are welcome at Bruster's, and if you bring your dog, they give him or her a free doggie sundae, which consists of a spoonful of vanilla ice cream topped with a dog biscuit in a little plastic ice cream cup. My puppy loved it! It's near Georgia Southern University. The website is


Bench Warmers Sports Grill

1375 Rock Quarry Rd.,
Stockbridge, GA
(678) 565-7034
Pet Friendly Bench Warmers Sports Grill  in Stockbridge, GA
Located in Stockbridge, pet friendly Bench Warmers Sports Grill is a great place to kick back, turn on the game, and enjoy a phenomenal meal. Folks love the daily lunch specials, especially the pork nachos and jerk chicken. They also dig the diverse burger menu, ranging from the classic Bacon Cheese Burger to the delicious Flyin’ Hawaiian pineapple burger. Bench Warmers goes a step further for its guests, with trivia nights and live music events. They also cater to the needs of their canine clientele, with a generously sized pet friendly seating area.


Tortuga's Island Grille

2815 River Dr.,
Thunderbolt, GA
Pet Friendly Tortuga's Island Grille in Thunderbolt, GA
Pets welcome on patio


Dade County Chamber of Commerce / Welcome Cen

111 Railway Lane,
Trenton, GA
The Dade County Chamber of Commerce / Welcome Center is located in Trenton, Georgia in the historical Railway Station, Depot at the foot of Lookout Mountain. Travelers and their pets are welcome to stop by, take a walk,and even get a "treat."

Laurel Cottage (owner: Ann Keaton)

12296 South Main Street,
Trenton, GA
Laurel Cottage is a restaurant / coffee shop that allows pets on the deck of the restaurant. Pets will be served water and canine cuisine with a smile!

Tybee Island

The Crab Shack

40 Estill Hammock Rd.,
Tybee Island, GA
Dogs welcome on the deck

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