Grand Rapids - Pet-Friendly Bars



25 Ionia,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Visit their website at check out the events page from dog days of summer and dog day afternoons where: DOG DAY AFTERNOONS Bring your best friend to our newly opened patio to while away a Sunday afternoon with you. Your dog should be: * Friendly to all. If your dog has issues with other dogs or people, leave him home. * Leashed! Loose dogs can trip up our servers, causing tragic drink spillage. * Not obnoxious - no crazy barking, excessive begging, no leg-riding I think you know what I mean etc. * Sober. If you give your dog beer at home, that's your business, but we don't need the SPCA all up in our grill, so it's water only. Even if Fido is over 21 We'll have water bowls, and whatever treats and toys I remember to pick up. Bowser Beer is here! It's "beer" for dogs. Stella found it malty, salty and meaty and was happy to share with her new friend Wally. Order one for your pooch! DOG DAYS OF SUMMER In celebration of the