Toadstool Geologic Park

Crawford, NE
Travel 4 miles north of Crawford on State Highway 2 and 71, then 15 miles northwest on Toadstool Road. Rocks, etc.


Doane College Football Stadium

Crete, NE
On the campus of Doane College, this stadium allows "attended" pets. You and your pet can watch the game from the end zones or the grassy areas. If they really behave, you might be able to get them in the grandstands (next to the people who don't behave….)


West omaha NE Lincoln KOA

14601 Highway 6,
Gretna, NE
Pet Friendly West omaha NE Lincoln KOA in Gretna, NE
West Omaha NE Lincoln KOA Campground with family fun including the dog. Check out our site to see all the fun activities and events at the campgrounds.

La Vista


12040 Mcdermott Plaza,
La Vista, NE
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating


Richman's Run Dog Park

70th and Van Dorn,
Lincoln, NE
Richman's Run Dog Park at Holmes Lake is on the South-East side of Lincoln, NE. It features a large fence-protected park with water, trees, open grass, and hills. The park is well-maintained and clean.

Art & Soul

5740 Hidcote Dr.,
Lincoln, NE
Pet Friendly Art & Soul in Lincoln, NE
Located atThe Marketplace at Village Gardens.

Mellow Mushroom - Lincoln-West Haymarket

601 R St #110,
Lincoln, NE
Pooch friendly patio

The Parthenon Greek Grill and Taverna

5500 S 56th St #8Ê,
Lincoln, NE
Pet Friendly The Parthenon Greek Grill and Taverna in Lincoln, NE
Dogs welcome on the deck


Bookworm Bookstore

87th & Pacific,
Omaha, NE
The Bookworm Bookstore in Countryside Village Mall on Omaha, NE at 87th and Pacific St.

Cantina Laredo - Omaha

120 S 31st Ave #5107,
Omaha, NE
Great outdoor patio to enjoy with your dog

La Buvette Wine & Grocery

511 S 11th St,
Omaha, NE
Sit on the patio and bring your dog with

O'Leaver's Pub

1322 S Saddle Creek Rd.,
Omaha, NE
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Corkscrew Wine & Cheese - Blackstone

3908 Farnam St.,
Omaha, NE
Pet Friendly Corkscrew Wine & Cheese - Blackstone in Omaha, NE
Bring Fido with and enjoy our outdoor seating

Marks Bistro

4916 Underwood Ave.,
Omaha, NE
Sit at the patio and you can bring Fido with.

Benson Brewery

6059 Maple St.,
Omaha, NE
Pet Friendly Benson Brewery in Omaha, NE
Cradled in the heart of Benson on Omaha’s north side - you will find Benson Brewery, a cozy neighborhood brew-pub welcoming all who look for friendly company, good conversation, house made beers and solid drinks. We believe a bar is what its patrons and community make it, which is why we serve true, locally sourced foods when possible, well-crafted brews, and drinks to please all. Pets welcome on the patio

The Bookworm

8702 Pacific Street,
Omaha, NE
The Bookworm is a pet-friendly independent bookstore in Omaha, NE. There is always a welcoming cookie jar for people and their pets, too.

Black Oak Grill Omaha

220 S 31st Ave #3107,
Omaha, NE
Pet Friendly Black Oak Grill Omaha in Omaha, NE
Dogs welcome on the patio. The black oak tree has taken root throughout much of America, creating a common but distinctive and richly colored backdrop to our country. Black Oak Grill finds its roots in a broad range of urban grills, neighborhood cafes, boulevard bistros and corner taverns. The bar features hand crafted cocktails, easy-drinking wines and premium beers celebrating the great American tradition. The atmosphere is relaxed. The service style is friendly and well informed. Come as you are, bring an appetite, be thirsty and we will take care of the rest.

Infusion Brewing Company

6115 Maple St.,
Omaha, NE
Pet Friendly Infusion Brewing Company in Omaha, NE
Bring Fido if you plan on sitting outdoors.

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