Paramus - Pet-Friendly Retail Stores



501 Garden State Plaza,
Paramus, NJ
I am the proud parent of a Jack Russell Terrier named Fred. I love to take him with to as many places that will allow him. We are frequent shoppers at Nordstrom in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey. I am 28 years old and refuse to go anywhere without my best friend. He makes shopping that much more fun! When we enter the store, the welcoming staff at the courtesy desk ask if I would like them to watch Fred while I do my shopping and are quick to offer water for Fred. As trying on clothes might be easier, I would much prefer to have him by my side. I mean, I purposely brought him in with me, why wouldn't I want him to sit on their plush seats while I check out the latest that Salon Shoes has to offer! And he's always a conversation starter. He always has 3 or 4 sales as