New York - Pet-Friendly Sightseeing


Brooklyn Bridge

New York, NY
Brooklyn Bridge self-guided walk, beginning at Park Row Street, directly across from City Hall Park. You and your dog can take a stroll along this elevated wooden walkway while enjoying the skyline of New York City. The Brooklyn Bridge (designed by architect John Roebling between 1867 and 1883) is the world's first steel suspension bridge. It was constructed to link Brooklyn and Manhattan. This walk takes about 20-40 minutes each way (depending upon your pace) and there are benches all along the way.

Times Square Walking Tour

1560 Broadway,
New York, NY
Leaves every Friday, rain or shine, from the new Times Square Visitors Center on Broadway between 46th and 47th Streets. Tour includes historic theatres, new sites and the best of the neighborhood. Your dog is welcome on the outdoor portions of the tour.

Carriage Rides

Central Park,
New York, NY
Horse drawn carriage rides in Central Park allow dogs to go for a ride with their owners. I was able to verify this with the concierge at the SoHo Grand Hotel in New York City a very posh hotel where I stayed with my Doberman Porsche.


NBC: Rockefeller Center/49th CBS: 5th Avenue/,
New York, NY
Watch the tapings of NBC's and CBS's morning broadcasts live through the studios' large glass windows.