Tigard - Pet-Friendly Retail Stores


Home Depot

14800 SW Sequoia Pkwy,
Tigard, OR
At the home depot in Tigard, Oregon they always make my pups feel welcome. Often they keep dog treats at the checkout counter. I sometimes have a hard time getting out of there in a speedy manner because all the employees stop to pet & chat. As homeowners across America surely know, you spend a lot of time at Home improvement stores. It's nice to know that at Home Depot, you can turn that into some quality time w/fido! LOWES I am sorry to say is not so friendly here (FOR SHAME) They never tell me to take them out but do cast dirty dirty looks & speak to someone else (loud enough to be heard) about how dogs aren't really allowed but they can't ask them to leave unless someone complains... Anyway, I love your site & will keep my eyes peeled here! Thanks for the info.