Erie - Pet-Friendly National, State & Local Parks


Presque Isle State Park

Erie, PA
Great Summer Spot!!!! Dogs are allowed in the water on beaches that are not designated public swimming beaches w/life guards on them. Dogs are allowed on the swimming beaches but must be near the tree lines. We went on the 4th of July and there were many families traveling w/their dogs. A couple people had dogs off leash in the water but were asked to put the leases back on. Nice beaches, clean and lots of walking trails.

Waldameer Park and Water World

220 Peninsula Drive,
Erie, PA
Waldameer Park is near Lake Erie in the Northwest corner of Pennsylvania. My company picnic was at Waldameer last summer, and I was pleasantly surprised to call and find out that pets are allowed in the park! I was told that the owner is a huge animal lover, and I will be taking my dog there again this year.