Prosser - Pet-Friendly Places


Airfield Estates Winery

560 Merlot Drive,
Prosser, WA
Pet Friendly Airfield Estates Winery in Prosser, WA
Airfield Estates is a dog friendly winery and warmly welcomes friendly, well-behaved, well-socialized dogs on leashes. Dogs are allowed in the tasting room, the patio, and on the grounds. Before you bring your dog into the winery, check with a staff member first as the winery dogs may be on premise.

Apex Cellers

357 Port St.,
Prosser, WA
Pet Friendly Apex Cellers in Prosser, WA
Apex Cellers is a dog friendly winery. Dogs on a leash are welcome inside the facility with a welcoming water dish and dog treat. Owners are responsible for picking up after their pet.

Pontin Del Roza Winery

35502 North Hinzerling Road,
Prosser, WA
Pet Friendly Pontin Del Roza Winery in Prosser, WA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Thurston-Wolfe Winery

588 Cabernet Court,
Prosser, WA
Pet Friendly Thurston-Wolfe Winery in Prosser, WA
Thurston-Wolfe Winery is a dog friendly winery -- dogs on a leash are welcome on the patio.