PET FRIENDLY Saint Pete Beach

PET FRIENDLY Saint Pete Beach

Pet travel starts with finding a pet friendly lodging. We are currently showing 6 pet-friendly hotels in Saint Pete Beach, Florida, which we define as dog friendly or cat friendly. Some of the hotels also accept other animals such as birds or ferrets. Our lodgings also include listings for pet-friendly Bed & Breakfasts, Cabins and Cottages, Inns and Motels if they are available in a particular location.

Another important piece of the puzzle is knowing fun places to take your pet. Let's face it, if you're going to take your dog to Saint Pete Beach, you don't want to leave him behind in the hotel room. What fun is that for either of you? That's why we also provide fun pet-friendly parks and beaches as well as pet-friendly cafes, bars, stores and shopping malls it they are available in the area. You can find these by browsing our list of pet-friendly places in Saint Pete Beach.

Featured Pet-Friendly Hotels in Saint Pete Beach

Pet Policy: Fee: $25/pet/night, Refundable Deposit of $50 per pet, Weight limit of 50 pounds.

Policy Confirmed: 01/07/2020 | Update this Pet Policy

Policy Confirmed: 01/07/2020

Pet Amenities: Pet Play Zone where your furry friend can run freely off the leash, and a Pet Potty grassy area.

Points of Interest: Close to pet-friendly restaurants, bars and park, Fort Desoto Paw Playground.

Rates: Guaranteed best rates on the beach.

Pet Policy: We invite you to bring your pet no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we will welcome them in.

Policy Confirmed: 05/30/2019 | Update this Pet Policy

Policy Confirmed: 05/30/2019