Cape Cod is a 413-square-mile dogleg-shaped peninsula sticking out into the Atlantic in southeastern Massachusetts. (Actually, it’s more of a hook, but since we’re not a pirate site, we’ll go with the canine metaphor.) It’s only natural, therefore, that it would be a fantastic place to take your best friend for a delightful pet-friendly vacation.

There are tons of pet-friendly hotels on Cape Cod, so what’s not to like? We guarantee that from Buzzards Bay all the way out to Provincetown, you’ll find plenty of pet-friendly lodgings, activities, and places to visit with your favorite animal. And if you make it all the way to Ptown, you’ll find out why Dog Fancy magazine named it Dog Town USA 2010. In addition to enjoying everything it has to offer, you’ll find off-leash areas there to run your pup, including Pilgrim Bark Park, which landed in the #2 spot of Dog Fancy’s Best Dog Parks list for 2010.

On the way out to Provincetown, you can stop at many interesting pet-friendly beaches and venues. For example, you can pick up some cool antiques with your pet at the Wellfleet Flea Market/Drive-In. And, if you’ve trained your dog well (sit, stay, growl at the vendor who’s trying to rip us off), you’ll probably even get a better deal than those shopping without 4-legged friends!

The bottom line is that whenever we talk to our pet-friendly proprietors on the Cape, they seem so happy and cheerful. There must be something going on out there that makes them enjoy life more than the rest of us. Even their dogs seem to prance about with more of a bounce. If you’re New Yorkers, like we are here at petswelcome, it makes you feel even more miserable (and that’s not easy…) knowing that they’re having a better time than we are. The only cure, then, is to hit the road with your best buddy, drive over the Sagamore Bridge and find out what’s so damn entertaining. Of course, if you’re like us, you’ll still be miserable. But with a lobster roll in one hand, a leash in the other, and a Cape Codder (vodka and cranberry juice) somewhere in the vicinity, you’ll deal with it.

Find dog-friendly beaches and parks in Cape Cod.

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