It starts with a ferry ride from Cape Cod. As you and your pet skip across Nantucket Sound, you’ll see the Grey Lady appear on the horizon. Once you disembark, you have your choice of pet friendly lodgings, or if you’re in Nantucket for the day, enjoy a stroll around town, with all its outdoor cafes.

A fleet of shuttles is at your service to transport you around the island; all of the shuttles are pet friendly but you need to keep your pooch on leash and off the seats. Use the shuttles to visit the smaller villages on the island or any of Nantucket’s pet-friendly beaches. Or bring or rent a bike (remember to bring a basket or bike seat or bike leash for your dog) and take advantage of Nantucket’s many scenic bike paths.

If you plan to come in August, time your trip to coincide with the Annual Sandcastle & Sculpture Day contest sponsored by the Nantucket School of Design and Art. You and your canine can take a stroll over at Jetties Beach to check out the competitors as the sun sets.

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