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We've had a huge amount of requests for the quarantine and/or pet policy regulations for countries around the world. This is understandable; if you're leaving for another continent, it would be nice to know that your pet will be assimilated without delay and not be served to the local customs agent with a zesty sesame sauce. Hey, we're just kidding. We're sure you pet won't get eaten in a foreign country. And because we're cowards and constantly pander to the Polically Correct Police, let us go on record as saying that no one country or people or customs or life-styles is better than another, and that we're all god's children, etc. Okay?

To find out the policy of the country you'll be visiting, just click on the continent or territory of the country you will be visiting and then choose the country. We know--the problem with this approach is that you have to have a slight grasp of geography. So if you didn't play Risk as a kid, you're in a lot of trouble. Luckily, most of us at played a lot of Risk (some, we've discovered, still do at the office). And while it really didn't help us with this part of the site, we can still offer you some sage advice: Always keep a lot of armies in Kamchatka if you plan on holding Asia. Your sister-in-law who's piling all those forces up in Alaska isn't planning a clam bake.