10 Greatest Cartoon Dogs Ever

Cartoon Dog Droopy

Thinking back to my earliest memories of dogs, I remember my father’s Doberman, Vicky, who let me ride on her back when I was very young. I can still feel the visceral exhilaration of her speed and her concern in making sure I didn’t fall off. But beyond that experience, and a maybe a few […]

New and Diverse Pet-Friendly Lodging Listings

View from the Ester Lee

In the twenty-plus years since we founded petswelcome, we’ve always been amazed at the variety of pet-friendly lodgings that we get to list on the site. If anything, it has gotten more diverse, defined not only by allowing pets but by a wide range of policies, amenities, prices and locales that are as varied as […]

Creating a Pet-Friendly Yard

dogs playing in yard

  When it comes to taking care of your yard, you can sometimes feel like you’re doing battle with your pet, especially if you have a digger or a particularly heavy-footed pooch. The answer is to put up fencing in those areas where you really don’t want your canine, at least until your plants are […]

How to Choose a Pet Friendly Vacation Rental

Dog Friendly Oceanfront Rental

Pet friendly vacation rentals are a great choice for people who are going on trips with their pets. They offer a wide variety of options and amenities that include plenty of space and privacy as well as the ability to cook your own meals and relax with your friends and family. Whether you slow down, […]

Some Crossbreeds We’d Love to See

Russian OsterDox

With the current popularity of crossbred dogs such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Puggles, and Schnoodles, to name just a few, some of us at Petswelcome got to thinking about other interesting crossbreeds we’d love to see. What better way to spend an afternoon at the office (and get paid for it!) than concocting new breeds out […]

Our Top Picks for Best Cat Trees/Cat Condos

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

The best cat condos, cat trees, cat playhouses, whatever you choose to call them, are an active cat’s home inside a home, a spot just for them where scratching is allowed (even encouraged!) and they can curl up and hide away or run in, out, around, and on top of it like the wild thing […]

Don’t Forget These Cat Holidays

Happy Cat

Celebrating cat holidays is your chance to get in good graces with your feline. We’re not saying you’re not, but do you really know? I don’t. My cat constantly walks around like I’ve forgotten her birthday or have committed some other slight that I can’t figure out. When it comes to people, I can deal […]

The “Art” of Naming Pets

Rusty the viszla

About a week ago, we posted on our Facebook page, asking folks to tell us their pets’ names. We got a fantastic response in a short period of time, more than 125 names, including Trumpy the pig, and a cohort of ducks named Peeps, Lenny, Penny, Bert, and Ernie. What was amazing is that with […]

Three Upscale Pet Friendly Hotels to Escape To

The Lodge at Cloudcroft

Sometimes at petswelcome we choose a destination based on the merits of the hotel itself, rather than the particular city it’s in, or even the cultural, artistic, historic, and tourist attractions the area has to offer.  We like ensconcing ourselves in upscale pet friendly hotels and enjoying all the amenities they provide and then, if […]