6 Great Raincoats for Dogs

It’s raining in the Pacific Northwest (as usual), and that means there are a lot of wet doggies walking around town. If your dog isn’t a fan of the rain then it’s time to invest in rain gear or maybe it’s time to upgrade the old raincoat you have for him/her.

6 Raincoats to Keep Your Dog Dry & Warm

Guardian Gear Pet Rain Pet Jacket

The Guardian Gear Rain Jacket comes in bright orange for those night walks and is waterproof. It has elastic straps that close around the belly with enough room for your little boy to lift his leg on all those trees and fire hydrants on your walk. There is also a reflective strip so cars can see you and your pup crossing the street.

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Boneheads Waterproof Raincoat

The Boneheads Waterproof Raincoat is made of nylon, but it feels like cotton so you don’t have that tough, shiny, and stickiness that other coats tend to have. The velcro straps around your dog’s neck and belly are soft and allow for comfort while also keeping the coat in place. The inner lining is soft cotton so your dog will feel like s/he’s wearing a light blanket and not a coat!

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Reflecta Sport Dog Rainbreaker with Removable Hood

The Reflecta Sport Dog Rainbreaker by Petlife has a removable hood and reflective strips. It has little sleeves for the front legs to keep rain water off them as your dog trots down the street. There are also adjustable parts on the waist and sleeves to keep the rain out and the jacket on.

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Dogit Style Reversible Argyle Dog Raincoat

This coat by Dogit is silver and blue so your dog can be seen at night and has a little zipper where you stow some doggie bags to clean up. It’s light so it’s great for those days where it’s rainy but not too cold. Like today, where it keeps raining but the sun pops out too.

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Petego Dogrich Rainforest Dog Raincoat

Does your dog need full coverage during a downpour? Then the coat by Petego may be the one you need. It comes with a detachable fleece lining, has reflective strips, and adjustable straps. The best part, it has sleeves for all 4 legs.

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Fou Fou Ski Parka Dog Coat

The Fou Fou Ski Parka Coat is reversible and made to keep your pup warm. It’s quilted for those chilly evening walks and stylish. Great coat as the days get cooler!

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What Do You Think?

If you’ve had good luck with one of these or another dog raincoat that isn’t listed here, please let us know.

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