Aer Lingus is the flag carrier of Ireland. It serves Europe, North America, and North Africa. The head office is located on the grounds of Dublin Airport. Each aircraft is named after a saint and blessed. Aer Lingus celebrated 75 years of service in 2011.

Aer Lingus Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed on short flights due to insufficient ventilation in the cargo hold on the shorthaul Airbus fleet. Pets can be booked on direct flights between Ireland and New York, Boston, Chicago, and Orlando and will be transported in the cargo hold area of the place.

Carriage is permitted only with the owner’s acknowledgement that there may be risks to the health and welfare of the pet which may be caused by the reaction of the pet to flying. The acknowledgement is confirmed by booking and during checkin.

  • Pets may only be carried in the aircraft hold.
  • Pets must be at least 10 weeks old at the time of travel
  • Pet carrying containers may not weigh more than 141 pounds.
  • The following breeds are restricted from traveling on Aer Lingus: Akita, American Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Argentino, Fila Brazillero, Mastiff, Pit Bull Terrier, Tosa, Rottweiler. Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Exotic cats are also not permitted on flights.
  • Only domestic animals such as cats and dogs are allowed on flights

Important Tip:
You must register your pet in advance of your flight by contacting Aer Lingus (contact information here). If you don’t register your pet ahead of time, your pet will not be permitted on the flight.

Pets Traveling from the USA

Pet Express will make arrangements to transport your pet to Ireland on behalf of Aer Lingus. Final transit destination of pets traveling to Ireland is Dublin. Animals cannot be transported from the USA on Fridays or Saturdays.

For more details about Aer Lingus’ pet policies, please see this page .

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  1. May I bring my tiny emotional support animal on board the cabin from Dublin to Malaga, Spain?

  2. Hello I have a chihuahua that weighs 13 pounds I’m planning on flying from New York to Paris can my dog be in cabins with me in his bag that fit under the seat ?