Pet Friendly Getaway Travel Guides

Welcome to Petswelcome’s Pet Friendly Travel Guides.

When we first came up with the concept of Travel Guides, we thought we would focus on Vacation Destinations such as the Outer Banks, Cape Cod, Oregon Coast, etc., places that do not have one specific zip code and cannot be defined by a single city. Many people, if they do not have a particular city in mind, plan their vacations around vacation destinations that are often made up of many towns that share a geographic region and a particular characteristic, such as the Outer Banks (oceanfront) or the Adirondacks in New York (mountains and lakes). Sometimes they share a product of the area such as wine (Napa Valley) or a culture (Pennsylvania Dutch Country). The idea was to help people who travel with pets easily find pet friendly hotels and restaurants and bars and parks in these destinations without having to figure out which cities and/or towns make up that vacation destination before they can find a hotel there. Using the Travel Guides, you can just choose the Hudson River Valley instead of having to know any of the many towns that fall under that heading.

But then we got to thinking that there are other destinations that people and their pets travel to that are based on points of interest, such as NASCAR tracks, which are in 29 different cities around the country. Or destinations people go to because family draws them there: Maybe a child is living in a college town, or a brother lives near a ski resort and so, when they visit (with their pet, of course), they’ll need to find pet friendly hotels and restaurants in that particular town.

To that end, we are expanding the concept of the Travel Guides to include not only overall vacation destinations (Smoky Mountains, Napa Valley, etc.) but also points of interest that you might visit because of their recreational, historic or cultural importance. There will be many more to come. Please let us know what pet-friendly destinations you’d be interested in and we’ll get on it right away.