Pet Friendly Vacation Destinations

We can help you with your daydreams…well, most of them.

When you daydream about the perfect pet-friendly vacation, dog-friendly holiday, or cat-friendly getaway, it’s not necessarily about a particular city. Sometimes it’s a general sense of, “I want beach…” or “I want mountains…” or some other specific landscape. Or maybe it’s a lifestyle you’d like to experience like the laidback feel the Florida Keys, or the upscale ambiance of the Hamptons, or the raw natural beauty of Mount Desert Island in Maine. Vacations are often less about particulars than an overall state of mind, an imagined place you want to turn into reality. But, in the end, we all know it’s about getting down to business—turning that ideal pet-friendly daydream into an actual vacation with all its attendant research into pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, dog friendly parks and beaches, as well as other venues like wineries and breweries that are happy to welcome your pet.

To that end, Petswelcome has started a new section of Travel Guides that aren’t necessarily limited to particular cities or towns but are more in keeping with your borderless imagination—broader vacation environs like the Outer Banks, Cape Cod, Napa Valley, and the Upper Peninsula—areas that are less geographically defined but more conducive to turning your vague wanderlust into vivid snapshots that you’ll treasure for years. We will also be including specific cities as well, focusing on their unique neighborhoods and/or boroughs which, to continue the state of mind analogy, are like different moods of the same imagination.

So, close your eyes and imagine a place you’d like to go to with your pet and we’ll do our best to get you there.