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The PetsWelcome Vacation Rental Advantage

If you are an avid fan of traveling with your pet, then pet friendly vacation rentals are an important piece of the puzzle. Hotels are great, but when you stay at a pet friendly vacation rental house in the Outer Banks, for example, or on the Jersey shore, it’s literally like being in your own home away from home. Also, a lot of pet friendly vacation rentals get you and your pet closer to where you want to be—nearer to the tocean and pet-friendly beaches, deeper into the woods and pet-friendly hiking trails, or nestled in the more scenic areas that large resorts or lodgings, because of their size, do not have access to. And then there’s the luxuries vacation rentals often offer—pools, game rooms, entertainment equipment, private decks, whirlpools; as well as other amenities, including large kitchens, master bedrooms, laundry facilities, and much more.

Also, you can feel confident that your pet won’t be consigned to second-class citizen status in a pet friendly vacation rental. It’s not like a huge hotel where pets might be tolerated but not really welcomed. Whether a rental is pet friendly or not is often a personal choice made the by the owner of the rental and, therefore, you can be assured that your pet will feel right at home. It’s a good bet that the owners are animal lovers as well and you can be confident that you and your pet will be able to tell the difference the moment you settle in.

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