Pet Friendly Road Trip Planner Find Hotels Along the Way

Pet Friendly Road Trip PlannerFind Hotels Along the Way

Being Pet-Friendly

When people think pet-friendly--extremely pet-friendly--many think Europe. However, in our many years of experience, we've seen the US become more and more more pet-friendly, to the point where you can feel comfortable finding not only pet-friendly hotels and other lodging for your dog or cat, but also a wide array of pet-friendly services and venues--in small towns as well as large cosmopolitan areas.

In the old days you could only find pet-friendly Bed and Breakfasts and Inns, while larger hotel chains were wary of accepting pets. That's all changed. Now, they've learned that being pet-friendly is not only the right attitude--it's also good business. That's why you can now drive into practically any town and find a hotel, bed & breakfast, inn, cabin or cottage that is dog friendly or cat friendly, or both.

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