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Dogs don't need fancy, we said somewhere else. That doesn't mean, however, they don't like fancy. Set foot or paw in one of the upscale pet-friendly properties in the Ascend Collection and you'll understand immediately why they are the preferred lodging for people who demand more from a hotel than just a comfortable bed.

With knowledgeable staff, luxurious comfort, beautiful styling and the highest standards of hospitality, the Ascend Collection will cater to you and your furry friend in a way that will turn an average trip into a journey you will not soon forget.

Pet Policy:

Ascend Hotel pet policies vary from property to property, including pet fees and weight limits. Check petswelcome's individual listings to find out the policy of the particular Ascend Hotel you are considering.

Pet Travel Positive:

Let's face it, dogs like to communicate with other dogs which, in some cases, can be problematical. But when traveling, it can also lead to spontaneous encounters and informative conversations with other dog owners, making your own trip that much more rewarding.

A Bit of History:

Choice Hotels introduced the Ascend Collection in 2008, offering unique boutique hotels in urban and resort locales. There are currently 54 pet friendly Ascend Hotels in the United States.

Ascend Collection Amenities:
  • Pet friendly
  • Unique network of boutique hotels
  • Knowledgeable staff to help you learn about your location
  • Authentic local ambiance at each unique property