Parent Company
Marriott International
Type of Hotel:
Extended Stay
Typical Pet Policy
(varies by location)
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Customer Ratings
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Standard Amenities

  • Kitchen
  • Desk
  • Free breakfast
  • 24/7 grab & go food
  • Social & business spaces
  • Fitness Center
  • On-site laundry
Residence Inn Pet friendly hotels, locations & pet policies

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Type of Hotel:
Extended Stay
Customer Ratings
Typical Pet Policy
(varies by location)

Residence Inn Pet Policies & Information

Residence Inn by Marriott is an extended stay hotel chain with over 850 locations in North America, many of them pet friendly. Suites at this chain include kitchens fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher and coffeemaker. Residence aims to make long-term lodging as exciting as possible. Their RI Mix™ social events are perfect for those who want to spice up their stay. For guests who don’t feel like mingling, the spacious suites and extra comfy beds are perfect for staying in and relaxing with your furry friend.

What is Residence Inn's Pet Policy?

The majority of locations allow 2 pets per room, and permit cats and dogs, but this can vary by location so it’s important to check before booking. It’s also helpful to check the fee, as Residence’s non-refundable cleaning fee can range anywhere from $75 to $125. Some locations only allow small dogs up to 50 lbs., while others have a weight maximum of 100 lbs.

About Residence Inn

Residence Inn is delighted to accommodate you and your pet. And with 400+ pet-friendly locations, finding a room for you and your pup is easier than ever! While this chain’s pet policy is fairly consistent across the board, there are some differences between individual locations. This would be a major inconvenience if it wasn’t for, where with just a few clicks you can access the specific pet policies of every hotel.
“Residence Inn is delighted to accommodate you and your pet. And with 400+ pet-friendly locations, finding a room for you and your pup is easier than ever!”’s visitors have a lot of nice things to say about Residence Inn. Though some guests were put off by the pet fees, many had a positive experience. Reviewers were pleasantly surprised by this chain’s abundance of grassy outdoor spaces where their pups were able to let loose and run around. They also enjoyed the modern interior design as well as the clean and comfortable rooms.
Residence Inn originated back in 1975 in Wichita, Kansas. Before being acquired by Marriott, the chain was a series of hotels owned by Jack DeBoer and Robert L. Brock. At the time, the duo were franchisees of a record number of Holiday Inns. Since changing hands, Residence has opened locations across the continent and has defined what it means to be a “suite-style” hotel. Recently, this chain has announced the development of over 200 new hotels, cementing its place as a fierce competitor in the upscale lodging arena. When you stay at Residence Inn you’re also supporting a host of initiatives striving to make the world a better place. The chain’s Parent company, Marriott International, participates in disaster relief by working with local hotels and relief organizations to provide aid to affected communities. They also invest in sustainable initiatives like reforestation and rainforest protection. Lastly, Marriott serves its localities by providing donations, organizing fundraising events, and enlisting volunteer workers to make a meaningful impact one community at a time.

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