15 Best Rated Pet Beds for Dogs & Cats

Let’s face it, dogs sleep a lot. Cats, too. That’s why choosing a bed for your pet is an important decision. They are going to spend a lot of time on it so you want to make sure you’ve chosen the correct one. To help you help you decide, Petswelcome has scoured the web to come up with a list of the 15 Best Rated Pet Beds for Dogs & Cats. We’ve also contacted retailers to find out which ones are their top sellers. People who own pets know what’s best for their dog or cat so we thought it was important to include their choices in our list. And, of course, our pets have slept on a lot, too.

Dog on Pet Bed

Characteristics You Should Look For in Every Bed

It should be made of non-toxic materials

Many beds contain synthetic materials that are meant to protect dogs and cats and make your life easier. However, some of those materials might be harmful to your pet. These include flame retardant chemicals, stain proofing coatings, as well as products to repel odors. These can be especially harmful to dogs that have a tendency to chew but also can affect pets with allergies.

In general, many dog beds will contain some material that might be harmful to your pet if swallowed or ingested but the goal should be to keep it to an absolute minimum.

It should be sturdy

A pet bed is going to take some punishment even if your cat or dog sleeps like a baby. The bottom line is that pets have claws and teeth which will eventually exert wear and tear on a bed so it’s important that the bed be as sturdy and indestructible as possible. This is especially true if you have a puppy. Also, since the bed will most likely be on the floor it will be moved, stepped on and kicked around, so buy one that will be able to withstand a decent amount of punishment.


A washable bed is critical with regard killing fleas, ticks and mites so that they don’t have a perpetual relationship with your dog or cat. Also, it also helps keep your pet keep clean by reducing odors and hair build-up, a situation which might also bother humans living in the house. If you have a small dog or a cat, get a bed that can be cleaned in a washing machine. If you have a larger dog, get one with a washable cover.

No buttons, accessible zippers or tags

Since your cat or dog will be spending so much time in its bed, they will be sure to find every shiny or protruding object attached to it. Many of these accessories can be harmful if swallowed so make sure the bed is unadorned and free of any dangerous temptations–or you are sure your pet will not try to remove them.

Make Sure the Bed Fits Your Pet

The basic size guidelines for pets are:

Small: Up to 40 lbs.

Medium: Up to 60 lbs.

Large: Up to 120 lbs.

Extra Large: $120 lbs. +

Types of Beds

There are a number of different designs you can choose from. The most common types are:

Flat beds

These are basic open bed designs that do not have any sides or other elevations and come in round and rectangular shapes. This type of bed is a good choice that will satisfy almost all dogs or cats.

Bolster beds

Bolster beds have rolls on three sides that give your pet a sense of security and a surface to snuggle into and/or rest his head.

Wraparound beds

This bed is a bolster bed + 1. It has rolls on all sides and is fully enclosed. If you have a pet that craves security and its own exclusive space, this might be the bed for her.

Special Needs Beds

These are beds that offer solutions for specific situations or conditions. They range from orthopedic beds that support older dogs and those with joint pain; travel beds for when you’re hitting the road with your pet; and heated beds for dogs that get cold easily and/or have arthritis that is exasperated by the cold. Most beds incorporate the special need in their name, for example, K&H Superior Orthopedic Bed, so you don’t have delve too deep or have a comprehensive knowledge of dog beds to find them.

What’s in a Dog Bed?

Basic Foam Filling

This is usually found in less expensive beds and works for most pets. However, it can flatten out and deteriorate and is not a great choice for older dogs or pets with orthopedic issues.

Spun Polyester Fill

This a great choice for pets without special needs. It is usually hypoallergenic and made with high-lofting material that keeps if fluffy.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam is also know known as Visco Elastic, which is a dense and solid foam that is softens to the shape of the body when its being used and recovers its shape when your pet gets up. It’s great for pets that need extra support helps pets maintain their temperature without overheating.

Styrofoam Pellet or Cedar Chips

This type of bed is especially good for molding to a pet’s body shape and contours. It works well for keeping a pet warm while also offering a sense of security and a dug-in feel. Cedar chips keep the bed smelling fresh and also repels insects. Pellet or Chip beds are not recommended for dogs with joint issues–and definitely not for chewers.

OK. Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to choose the bed that’s right for your pet.

Petswelcome’s 15 Best Rated Pet Beds for Dogs & Cats


Frisco Tufted Lounge Pet Bed

Frisco Tufted Lounger Square Dog Bed

Extremely cozy, the Frisco Tufted Lounger is a top seller and gives your pet plenty of room to get a healthy night’s sleep. It has fluffy polyester fiber filling that offers comfort and support. It also has a convenient handle on the edge that makes it easy to carry on a road trip or to the pet sitter. The cover is machine washable so it can stay fresh and clean so your pet can enjoy a good snooze any time of day.

K&H Travel &SUV Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Travel & SUV Dog Bed

At Petswelcome, we’re all about traveling with a pet, of course, and we think this is a great way for your pet to travel in style. The bed has a non-slip fabric to keep it place, as well as an outside bolster that is made from nylon with a water-resistant backing. The cushion is removable, machine washable, and made from a luxurious microfleece. The bed comes in tan and gray to compliment most car interiors.

Petique Lounge Dog & Cat Bed

Petique Bedside Lounge Dog & Cat Bed

A raised platform bed that has two bunks, three zippered doors and large mesh windows. A great solution for more than one dog or cat, it’s the ideal all-in-one pet bed for your favorite animals. You might even be tempted to catch some winks in it yourself.

FurHaven Faux Fleece Bed

FurHaven Faux Fleece & Chenille Soft Woven Pillow Sofa Pet Bed

This bed has comfortable fiber filling and a luxurious faux fleece surface that your pets will love. It also has a polycanvas water-resistant base, as well as bolsters that provide security and a place to rest a weary head. Complete with a removable cover you can toss into the washing machine, this bed covers all the bases.

FurHaven Self-Warming Pet Bed

FurHaven Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Pet Bed & Mat

This unique bed offers four different designs in one. It can serve as a nest, couch, canoe and mat. Its furry lining offers a cozy sleeping environment by reflecting your pet’s body heat back so it will keep warm even on the coldest evenings. It’s also machine washable. Versatile, practical and warm, a great choice for a pet that likes to curl up in comfort.

K&H Superior Orthopedic Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Superior Orthopedic Pet Bed

This bed contains 5 inches of medical grade orthopedic foam to give your pet the ultimate night’s sleep or snooze. Great for older dogs or dogs with arthritis, it supports joints and pressure points like hips and shoulders so they can rest  with the support they need. It also has a washable reversible cover that can change from a handsome poly/cotton print to a soft micro fleece, allowing for flexibility in both style and comfort.

FurHaven Terry Top Pet Bed

FurHaven Terry Top Throw Pillow Dog Bed

The FurHaven Terry Top Throw Pillow has a suede top and an Oxford polycanvas base for support. It is filled with high-loft polyester fiber that offers just the right amount of elevation and support. The cover is removable for washing and comes in plenty of colors to match your home’s decor.

Dogit Style Rosebud Pet Bed

Dogit Style Rosebud Donut Dog Bed

This super-soft donut bed is made of polyester with 100% virgin polyester fiber fill that will definitely ensure your pet has a great snooze filled with sweet dreams. It comes in X-small for the smallest breeds and is available in purple or gray. It can also be hand washed so your pet can snuggle in and wake up refreshed and ready to go every morning.

Gen7Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed

Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed

This is a portable cot that is raised off the ground so your pet has a comfortable and dry place to rest in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a beach, campground, or a family picnic, this cot is a great accessory to take along on any road trip. With Smart Air-Flow mesh to rest on, your pet will remain dry and cool and its curved back panel will offer support if he wants to snuggle in. Its convenient snap-together design makes it easy to transport and it has a powder-coated steel frame that won’t rust if left outside.

Frisco Santa Deep Dish Pet Bed

Frisco Santa Deep Dish Cuddler Dog & Cat Bed

Okay, the holidays are coming up so we’d thought we throw this one in. Perfect for the Christmas season (or any season for that matter), this Deep Dish Cuddler will have your dog or cat dreaming of sugarplums and fairies faster than you can say “Happy Holidays.” A perfect gift for your pet or favorite pet-lover.

K&H Cuddle Cube Pet Bed

K&H Cuddle Cube Pet Bed

With a non-slip bottom and removable cover, this bed won’t slide or shift around and is easy to clean. It’s thick and soft allowing your dog to snuffle and drift off to slumberland in complete comfort.

K&H Couch Pet Bed

K&H Bolster Couch Pet Bed

Made from ultra-luxemicro-suede, this pet bed is comfy and perfect for your dog to cuddle up and snooze. It’s available in two different sizes. Also, your dog can rest his/her head on the bolster and it won’t lose its shape and get lumpy.

Bagel Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

A great bed made from poly-cotton blends and a waterproof outer shell that is easy to clean, it will become your pet’s favorite resting place. It’s comfortable, has bolsters for your pet’s head to rest on, and durable. Available in 6 different sizes and various colors. Machine washable: wash warm, tumble dry low. As one customer wrote, “The outer edge and inside are quite fluffy, and she loves resting her head on the side.”

MidWest Quiet Time Bed

Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed

Ideal bed for using in crates, in the back of the car, and anywhere in the house. Keeps your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter with its synthetic sheepskin covering. It’s stain resistant and can be tossed in your washing machine. Available in several sizes and 3 colors. Your dog will be happy with this pet bed.

Cozy Cave Dog & Cat Bed

Cozy Cave Dog & Cat Bed

A Sherpa-lined bed with a cover that acts as a blanket or hood for your dog who loves to burrow. The internal wire keeps the hood up just enough so your pup can peek outside to see what you’re doing. It’s like a sleeping bag for your dog!

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