Planning a Wedding? Have Your Pet Be Part!

It’s estimated that we spend a total of $63 billion on animals each year. The pet/companion industry is growing with better food choices, daycares, pet sitting, new and awesome toys, and safer car seat options. And for those of us who going to tie the knot, there are sites that offer services to help include your pet in the wedding and have it be stress free.

One couple who heard other couples wishing to include their pets in their weddings, took the initiative and started Fairytail Pet Care. The owners, Kelly and Ilana, offer several services from wedding planning to photo shoots to pet sitting. Fairytail Pet Care’s wedding services provide transportation, love and care, and playtime for your pet. They also help your pet pose with you for your perfect wedding photo and work to seamlessly integrate your pet into the ceremony.

To date, Fairytail Pet Care has been part of 30 weddings. Each wedding has been unique and magical. They even do photo shoots of the big day from the pet’s perspective.

To learn more about Fairytail Pet Care, visit their website here.


How Much Do You Plan To Spend On Your Pet?

A recent article in Forbes talked about the amount of money millennials plan to spend on pets this season. The reasons cited started with the pet care business growing in the last several years. According to Forbes, the changing dynamic of pets not just as an accessory to the house, but as a family member has changed spending and increased the pet industry. Pet owners spend more on their companions in terms of medical, day care and boarding, and food. The article goes on to talk about holiday shopping.

Holiday shoppers on average used to spend about $62 on pets. The projected amount this season is at $81, followed by $79 from those who are Gen-Xers. Ah, Generation-X… my crew. But it’s not just the usual shopping trips to the pet store to buy new beds, toys, a new cage, or aquarium… the new trend has extended to tech gadgets that allow us to watch our pets when we’re not home, GPS trackers on collars, and point of view tiny cameras to see what the world looks like from where they stand.

To read the complete article, check it out here.

What do you plan on buying for your pet this holiday season? Let us know!

10 Best Gifts For Your Cat (or Cat Lovers)

It’s time to start shopping! As you go through your list of friends and relatives, don’t forget about your best friend in the world, your cat. Or your best friend’s best friend (sorry, but it’s probably true). If you’re not sure what to get him/her, don’t worry. We got you covered.

Top 10 Gifts For Cats

  1. Variety pack of toys

    If your cat is picky this is a good deal. There are 20 different types of little toys in this bundle. Plastic balls, rubber balls, and a lot of stuffed catnip sacks are sure to keep your cat happy. This is perfect for kittens and older cats. The toys come in a zippered back for storage so you can ration out or collect them back up as needed.
    Find the Fashion Talk Cat Toy Variety Pack on Amazon
  2. Pet Cat Tunnel

    This is cool. If your cat likes hiding under the blankets or scurrying under things, the cat tunnel may be the perfect gift. It has three different openings that lead to a center. The center has a hole where you cat can poke his/her head out of and say “hi!” It’s durable, collapsible, and easy to clean.
    Find the Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel on Amazon
  3. Hot Pursuit

    Does your cat chase your feet under the blanket? Mine do. I wake up to two cats pouncing on me every morning. This toy might distract them from me. It’s an electronic toy that has a mat and a wand with a bead on the end. The wand is under the mat and moves. The movement has several settings and the mat is durable. Your cat may spend hours trying to catch whatever is under the mat or may just dive under… either way, take video.
    Find the SmartyKat Electronic Motion Toy on Amazon
  4. Cat Scratcher

    This cat scratcher is pretty cool. It has several pieces that can be repositioned and replaced. Aside from distracting your cat from tearing up the leather couch, the scratcher can be “new” to your cat each time you rebuild it. Simply stack the cardboard scratching pieces onto the base and rotate them to create bumps and corners or make it a smooth tower. The scratcher stands about 2 feet high and stable.
    Find the Catit Senses 2.0 Scratcher on Amazon
  5. Cat Dancer

    I have this for my cats and they love it. It’s a simple toy made from wire and cardboard. Simple, cheap, and hours of fun. The cat dancer is a lure that can be attached to a wall or held by you. It moves in an erratic way that mimics flies. Cats will jump, swat, and try to bite the cardboard pieces. It also lasts a long time.
    Find the Cat Dancer on
  6. DIY Cat Condo

    Ok, this is a cool house. It’s a cat condo that is customizable based on your imagination. The condo comes with 28 solid panels to create walls, 9 panels that have holes for your cat to walk through, and a cat hammock. If you’re a lego master, this cat condo may be fun for you too. Rebuild it to keep your cat interested and amused.
    Find the DIY Cat Condo on Amazon
  7. Cat Scratcher and Lounger

    Scratching is hard work. Why not give your cat a two in one gift? After the scratching is done, your cat can collapse on the cardboard scratcher and catch some Zs. The scratcher is large to accommodate a full size kitty. It’s light so you can move it around the house as needed.
    Find the Homodox Cat Scratcher on Amazon
  8. Automatic Laser Toy

    Looking for a hands free toy that your cat will play with while you get some chores done? Then this gift might be the one for you. It’s an automatic laser pointer. Simply turn it on, and watch your cat try to catch the ever elusive red dot! It has several settings to adjust the speed and path the laser pointer takes. For best results, place the base on a table to prevent your cat from bumping it or trying to catch the red dot from the base. You don’t want your cat to stare directly at the laser.
    Find the FroliCat DART on Amazon
  9. Vesper Cat Lounger and Scratcher

    Here is a very nicely designed cat tower. It has three rope pillars for your cat to scratch and a top shelf. There is also a cubby hole for napping. Each level has padding for ultimate comfort. There is assembly required. It is sturdy and will last years. It’s easy to wipe down since it’s made from pressboard similar to bookcases and desks.
    Find the Vesper V-Base Tower on Amazon
  10. Fling a String

    This toy is just plain silly. Attach it to a door knob and turn it on, the string loops around in up and down which can drive your cats nuts. It’s perfect for play time. The string is moved by a conveyer belt. When your cat catches the string, the toy stops moving. As soon as your cat lets go, it starts looping again.
    Find the Moody Pet Fling A String on Amazon

Polar Bear Pets A Dog

You may have seen the video of a polar bear gently pawing at a dog. It’s an “awww” moment for sure. There were some questions I had when I saw the video like, “where is this?” and “who owns the dog?”

Turns out, the dog belongs to a man named Brian Ladoon, who owns a dog sanctuary. The video is from Manitoba, Canada. It was shot by David de Meulles, a tour guide for North Star Tours. According to CNET, conservation officers removed a bear from the property of Ladoon a week prior to this video because the bear had killed one of the dogs. However, this polar bear seems more curious about the dog. The bear sniffs the dog, paws him, and does not seem to have any desire to harm the dog. The dog does not seem scared or startled by the bear. In fact, before the pawing starts, the two are sitting next to each other in the sun.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

Crumbs & Whiskers Opens in LA

Cat cafes have slowly been opening up in cities across the U.S. The latest cafe is now in LA. It’s a chain, owned by Kanchan Singh, with one cafe in DC and now as of September, the second one in west Los Angeles.

Singh first became inspired to open a cat cafe after she visited Chiang Mai, Thailand and spent some time at a cat cafe there. She returned home and thought about how a cat cafe could positively impact shelter cats needing a home and people who may need to take a break and grab some coffee and pet a cat.

The cats at the LA cafe are from Karma Rescue. The cats have free reign over the area and there are staff on hand at all times. For those who wish to visit, a reservation is necessary. The prices start at $22 for about 75 minutes of time to spend with the cats. Crumbs & Whiskers asks that customers allow the cats to come to them, rather than picking one up or possibly bugging a cat who may need some quiet time.

The cafe is another outlet for rescue cats to find loving homes. Those who visit and want to adopt can fill out an online application with Karma Rescue. The applicants are then screened and contacted for additional information. If everything is cool, the cat has a new home.

Crumbs & Whiskers is located at 7924 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA and is open from 11am to 7:45pm. For more information visit their website at: Crumbs & Whiskers.

2016 Wacky Pet Names

At Pet Insurance, some pets are registered with unique aka wacky names. The top 50 dog and top 50 cat names were compiled and listed on their site. Some of them are funny puns and some are just… well, weird.

Here’s a few of the names:

Shakes purr
Butch Catsidy
Ziggy Snowdust
Fuzzy Britches
Kung Fu Kitty
Mayor Pawington
Kanye Westie
Captain Jack Barkypants
Jabba the Pug
Sir Winchester Mcsniffems
The Great Pepperoni
Zsa Zsa Chanel

If you want to read all the names, check them out here.

Meals On Wheels Helps Pets

In Flagler County in Florida, the Meals on Wheels program recently received a grant to help keep seniors and their pets together. The funding provides food, supplies, and care for the clients who have pets. The $1,000 grant came from the “Meals on Wheels Love Pets” initiative and through a donation from Banfield Charitable Trust.

Along with providing meals, the service also provides non-medical in-home services like homemaking, personal care, and day care. There is also counseling and referral services for those who need additional assistance.

It’s wonderful news for all the seniors who own pets and should be a great help. To read more check out the article here.

Portland Airport Now Has An Indoor Area For Pets

Portland International Airport has added a pet relief area to its airport. This means that passengers and their pets don’t have to leave the airport secured area anymore and then walk through security again before a flight.

The pet relief area is small, but has the essentials: a fire hydrant, some fake grass, and a garbage can and supplies to clean up after your dog. The airport already had an outdoor area but this makes it more convenient and easier for pets who are traveling.

Have you traveled through the Portland, Oregon International Airport with your pet lately and checked out the new indoor relief area? Let us know what you like about it.

To read the full story, check it out here.

Pokemon Go helps save a puppy

Ok, so Pokemon Go totally took over the world in July and we’ve all read crazy stories where players have come across some weird things. But, the game, which makes people walk all over the place, has helped a puppy.

Kaitlin Kouts and Tiffany Revay, playing the game in Texas, found a puppy who needed help. The 4-month-old puppy was lying by a tree. Kouts said the puppy looked like he was in pain.

In another lucky twist, they got a call from someone who could help. The man delivering a pizza they’d ordered was looking for them. When they explained what happened, he said he was an EMT. He treated the pup, calmed him down, and got him to a vet, where he’s waiting for surgery on two broken legs. Kouts and Revay named the puppy Pokey.

The gang started a GoFundMe page for the medical bills and the goal was reached within days. Pokey has been given a lot of TLC and surgery was done on the broken legs.

Image from 3milliondogs

Pets Events in September In The USA

September can be a busy month for families as children go back to school, teachers say goodbye to their summer vacations, and our pets adjust to the schedule changes that Fall brings about. It’s an important month to stay mindful about our pet’s well-being. They can experience “back to school blues” and may mope more.

How can you help keep your pet’s spirits up? Find a pet friendly event in your area to bring her/him to and spend some quality time having fun together!

>>Is your pet event, or one in your area, missing from our list? Please help us update this list to keep it current by leaving the information in a comment below!

Pet Events in the USA – September 2016

Bow Wow Bark in the Park

When: Sept 3, 2016 9am to 6pm
Where: Rockwell Park, Bristol Ct
Admission: Free
More Information: 860-940-9260
>> Hotels in CT

Bow Wow Bark in the Park is an event where your pup will have the time of his life. It’s all an day event so get plenty of the sleep the night before. There will be costume contests, a talent show, an animal adoption area if you’re thinking of expanding your furry family, a photo booth, and good food, games for kids, and more. If you bring your dog, s/he must be on a leash, must be up to date with vaccines, and ok with large crowds and other dogs. The admission is free but please consider bringing a can or small bag of food which will be given to a shelter.

Strut Your Mutt

When: Sept 10, 2016 8am to 12pm
Where: Sellwood Riverfront Park, Portland Or
Admission: Free to watch, varies for registration
More Information: 602-617-2314
>> Hotels in Or

It’s the annual Strut Your Mutt in Portland. Bring your dog and enjoy the walk, play a game of musical doggie chairs, enter the raffles, and check out the vendors who will be there. There will also be contests, a little dog race, and an ask a vet booth. The money raised will benefit 6 of the local dog and cat shelters in the Portland metro area.

25th Annual Dog Olympics

When: Sept 10, 2016 10am to 2pm
Where: North Carolina State University, 1060 William Moore Drive, Raleigh, NC
Admission: Varies, check website
More Information: CVM Olympics
>> Hotels in NC

Come out and participate in the games. Dogs of all size are encouraged to take part in the events. There will competitions like small dog limbo, the longest tail competition, high jump, and frisbee toss. At the games 13 rescue groups and shelters are going to be there as well as over 20 vendors. This is a great way to have some fun, help out your local shelters, and play some games with your dog.

Doggiest Walk N Roll

When: Sept 17, 2016 9am to 1pm
Where: 1101 S. Joyce St, Arlington, VA
Admission: Free
More Information: 571-216-4863
>> Hotels in VA

Participate in raising money for more assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Create a team with friends or coworkers, get sponsored, and walk. After the walk, there will be food, vendors, and festivities.

Strut Your Mutt

When: Sept 18, 2016 12pm to 4pm
Where: 3950 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA
Admission: Free
More Information: Strut Your Mutt SF
>> Hotels in CA

Not your everyday walk. Strut Your Mutt helps raise money for local shelters. The SF Strut Your Mutt will have a bean bag toss, simon says, and hula hoop games. There will also be kids area to make crafts. Check out the fly ball demo and little dog race while you’re there. Bring your dog! Bring your family! Get ready for fun.

Face Foundation 4th Annual Doggie Dash

When: Sept 25, 2016 9am to 12pm
Where: 5553 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA
Admission: $30 registration
More Information: Road Runner Sports
>> Hotels in CA

FACE helps families with pets who are in need of veterinary assistance. This year, FACE will hosting the Doggie Dash. The proceeds will go towards continuing the mission of helping pets. Join the fun and walk the 5k with your best furry friend. After the walk, stick around and join in the games, browse the vendors, and enter the costume contests and other competitions. It will be a great day for a great cause.