Hotels Where Pets Can Stay Free

As hotels open their doors to pets to stay with you as your travel, many of them charge a fee ranging from an extra $10 up to $150 for your pet. Many of us understand why the fees are charged and are happy to pay them but there are some chain hotels that are free for your pet to snooze in the room with you.

The following pet friendly hotel chains don’t charge extra fees and offer services for your pet like dog walking or dog sitting. Policies may change and can vary by individual locations, so always check the pet policy before booking your room.

Klimpton Hotels does not charge for pets to stay nor does it have a size or breed restriction. They provide dog beds, bowls, and gourmet treats for your furry friend all for free as well. There are packages that you can purchase for your pet if some extra TLC and pampering is needed. Some of them include nail trims, massages, and a bath. Klimpton strives to create a stress free stay for you and your pet.

La Quinta also allows pets to stay free with you in your hotel room. They limit the size of a dog to 50 lbs. and when you book online, be sure to write a note in the “Special Requests” section of the reservation form. There are over 700 La Quinta hotels nationwide for you to stay at and they all allow pets. If you make your reservation by phone, tell the rep that you’re bringing your dog so they can accommodate you as needed.

Red Roof Inns has been pet friendly for many years. They often have a booth at pet events and have always opened their doors to pets. Pets stay free at their chains. When you book your room let them know you’re traveling with your pet. Some of the Red Roof Inns can not allow dogs due to the local laws of the town they are located in. As it stands right now, Red Roof in Oxon Hills, MD, Flushing, NY, and Pigeon Forge, TN can only allow service dogs to stay in their hotels.

Motel 6 is a budget friendly hotel chain that lets pets stay free. Let them know you’re dog or cat is with you when you book your room. The only reason they may not allow your pet is if there is a safety or health risk or if the area you are staying in has local laws that prohibit pets. Check with each Motel 6 branch before booking your room to make sure Fido can stay too.

Happy travels!

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  1. Thank you for doing the research – We use LaQuinta Inn as much as possible and found them to be very accommodating for our Standard Poodle. I wish the Marriott chin was consistent as some accept dogs and other DO NOT which seems to be the rule