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Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Marion, IL
1306 Halfway Road, Marion, IL 62959
Disappointing ...
Let me preface my comments to say that nothing I'm about to list has anything to do with the remodeling you're doing, which looks like it will be nice when it's done. Nor does it have anything to do with the staff's interactions with our dogs which overall was quite positive. With that said, a few observations: -- the room (especially the carpet) was dirty ... felt sorry for the dogs having to sleep down there -- we were in a suite (which we didn't request) so we had a dedicated climate-control system, BUT it didn't work very well -- after the heater over-heated the room, we tried to open a window to cool it off, but the windows wouldn't stay open -- no one had put a filter in the climate-control system in a very long time which resulted in dark stains being left on the ceiling; and that caused dark pieces of the ceiling to fall onto the bed -- the cleaning staff must have sprayed some kind of chemical in the room to which I was allergic -- we were offered a different room, which was nice of the staff to make that offer, but it wasn't enough better to justify moving -- we requested a third-floor room to cut down on noise (so that our dogs could sleep) but were denied ... and that precipitated us being forced into a suite What was especially upsetting was the fact that we were charged over $140 for a substandard room. So, the next morning, we got up quite early, didn't even bother to shower or anything just so we could get out as soon as possible. All told, we spent just over 12 hours in the room.
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