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Holiday Inn Express Chicago NW-Vernon Hills
975 North Lakeview Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Clean Room & Good Service
We stayed for five days and enjoyed it; room was clean. There was an employee that worked the front desk on July 4th on the second shift and an autistic individual came running into the lobby of the hotel from the park across the street that was shooting off fireworks. She was so sensational with this individual. He had gotten away from his brother at the park and the fireworks had frightened him tremendously. She worked on getting him quieted down and asked him if there was someone she could call for him. He knew his brother's phone number and the desk clerk called his brother. In a few minutes the brother arrived to take his frightened brother home. She was so good at talking to him with all of his responses to the loud noises around him. She is a very gifted, patient, loving individual. You should be so proud of having such an employee representing your establishment. We were very vocal on letting her know what we thought about how she handled the situation. It swelled my heart to see and experience that there are still good caring people out there. Don't get to experience that too much. Most people walk away from individuals with different types of disabilities. My daughter and son in law both work in the field of mentally challenaged adults and they too were quite impressed with your employee. As a matter of fact, they were going to see what they could do for him and stopped when they saw that she had the situation very well at hand. You should be very proud of her. I think that her name was Alisha but not quite sure.
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