Derry - Pet-Friendly Places


The Derry Dog Park

45 Fordway Road ,
Derry, NH 03038
Finally a park JUST FOR DOGS. "Enjoy the off-leash dog park for recreation with your dog. For all patrons, please abide by the following regulations: Users of this facility do so at their own risk. The Town will not be held liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog on Town property Handlers must watch their dogs at all times. Handlers are responsible for any injuries caused by their dogs. Children 8 years or under are not allowed in the off-leash area. Children 9 to 16 must be accompanied & supervised by an adult. All handlers must be over 16. All dogs must wear current license and vaccination tags. Dogs must be leashed when exiting or entering the off-leash area. Handlers must “Scoop the Poop” and properly remove and dispose. No female dogs in season {heat}. No more than 2 dogs to 1 handler at any time. No glass containers. No food other than dog treats allowed in the park area. No animals other than dogs are permitted. Please take turns and be considerate whe