River Ridge Golf Course & Restaurant

295 Golf Course Loop Road,
Selah, WA
Pet Friendly River Ridge Golf Course & Restaurant in Selah, WA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating


Sequim Dog Park

202 North Blake Ave,
Sequim, WA
Dog friendly park


Silverdale Dog Park

11601 Silverdale Way NW,
Silverdale, WA
Dog friendly park


Blazing Onion Burger

2811 Bickford Ave.,
Snohomish, WA
Pet Friendly Blazing Onion Burger in Snohomish, WA
Blazing Onion Burger is located in the outdoor shopping center, Snohomish Station. Dogs are welcome on the patio.

Willis Tucker Dog Park

6705 Ruget Park Drive,
Snohomish, WA
Dog friendly park

Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant

511 Maple Ave.,
Snohomish, WA
Pet Friendly Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant in Snohomish, WA
Pet friendly patio

Todo Mexico

1101 1st St.,
Snohomish, WA
Pet Friendly Todo Mexico in Snohomish, WA
Patio is pet friendly

Maltby Cafe

8809 Maltby Rd.,
Snohomish, WA
Pooch friendly patio


Caterina Winery

905 North Washington Street,
Spokane, WA
A wonderful, award-winning Washington winery (and gift shop) specializing in outstanding handcrafted wines of limited vintage. Enjoy your superb wine tasting while fido relaxes at your feet. Dogs (including large dogs!) are welcomed, and receive fresh water and sometimes treats. There's a large adjacent area for dog walking, as well as a very nearby city park for walking, frisbee/ball retrieving, running (on leash), etc. Conveniently located in downtown Spokane, within easy walking distance of hotels, restaurants, entertainment, etc. 1-2 miles from several pet-friendly hotels listed for Spokane.

Rockwood Bakery

315 East 18th Avenue,
Spokane, WA
Pet Friendly Rockwood Bakery in Spokane, WA
Rockwood Bakery has a pet friendly patio.

SpokAnimal's Dog Park

W Riverside Ave,
Spokane, WA
Dog friendly park

The Park Bench Cafe

1976 S Tekoa St.,
Spokane, WA
Pet Friendly The Park Bench Cafe in Spokane, WA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating


Steppe Cellars

1991 Chaffee Rd.,
Sunnyside, WA
Pet Friendly Steppe Cellars in Sunnyside, WA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Snipes Mountain Brewery & Restaurant

905 Yakima Valley Hwy,
Sunnyside, WA
Pet Friendly Snipes Mountain Brewery & Restaurant in Sunnyside, WA
Bring Fido with if you want to enjoy the outdoor seating


Sully's Bistro & Bar

7234 NE Pkwy,
Suquamish, WA
Pet friendly patio


Rogers Dog Park

3151 E L Street,
Tacoma, WA
Dog friendly park

Dacca Dog Park

2820 54th Ave E,
Tacoma, WA
Dogs welcome

Point Defiance Dog Park

5400 N Pearl Street,
Tacoma, WA
Dogs welcome

Wapato Dog Park

6802 S Sheridan Ave,
Tacoma, WA
Dogs welcome

Rogers Dog Park

3151 E L Street,
Tacoma, WA
Dog friendly park

Two Town Pub and Cafe

5005 Main St.,
Tacoma, WA
Pet Friendly Two Town Pub and Cafe in Tacoma, WA
Bring Fido with if you want to enjoy the outdoor seating

The Social Bar and Grill

1715 Dock St.,
Tacoma, WA
Pet Friendly The Social Bar and Grill in Tacoma, WA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

University Place

Chambers Bay Dog Park

6320 Grandview Drive West,
University Place, WA
Dog Park


Banfield Pet Hospital

18101 SE 6th Way,
Vancouver, WA
Pet Friendly Banfield Pet Hospital in Vancouver, WA
Banfield Pet Hospital offers pet care and has over 800 locations in the USA, working with PetSmart to help you travel with your pet and peace of mind that you can take care of your pet while you are on the road for business or family travels.

Walla Walla

Mill Creek Brew Pub

11 S Palouse,
Walla Walla, WA
There is a great place to eat and where your dog is welcome to sit with you. It is in the town of Walla Walla, where, by the way, there is pet friendly lodging also. The place is called the Mill Creek Brewpub. The address is 11 S Palouse St Walla Walla, WA 99362. They have nice outdoor seating, with access to that seating by a gate near the main entrance. You can request that they build and light a fire in the outdoor rock fireplace and they have the best burgers around! They also have a big selection of local made brews, mostly their own. The outdoor seating is enclosed by a tall wooden fence so you need not worry about your beloved Rover escaping when you turn away. Its locally owned and I highly recommend them. You can stay in Walla Walla, have a great burger try the 5 Alarm Burger just about 2 minutes from Downtown Walla Walla by foot, go to the local Starbucks, where they also have outdoor seating as well as a bowl of water for passing pets or while you sip your Latte, and the d

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