Create Your Own Personal Route to Safety
for You and Your Pets

We developed Petswelcome’s People and Pet Emergency Route Planner as a critical tool for you to use when preparing for hurricane emergencies with your pet. It allows you to establish an evacuation/escape route with pet-friendly hotels (and emergency shelters) along the way—a route that you should create far in advance of a storm and save so it is ready for immediate reference when you need it. You will be able to access your route anytime, using your desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone.

With our Emergency Route Planner, you can enter your start location and add any stopovers you might require on the way to your final destination. We recommend that you choose a destination that you believe will take you to safer ground but not be so far that you’ll be driving very long distances for many hours in bad weather conditions. Your initial route will be a guesstimate based on a knowledge of your area, past experience, and where you think you’ll need to get in order to be safe. It’s important to remember that this initial route is critical to preplanning and that it is fully editable so that you can make necessary adjustments once you know the storm’s track.

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Create Your Emergency Route

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