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Take Your Cat

Cats aren’t as independent as they pretend to be. They really want to go on a trip with you but they just act like they’ve got better things to do because, well, they’re cats. That’s what cats do. But when we take them with us on a trip here at petswelcome, we see a different side to their personalities. They almost act like they know us. They get playful. Even silly. But not to worry. It’s not a permanent condition. When we get home they use our favorite piece of furniture as a scratching post, our welcome mat as a litter box, they feign ennui—just to let us know all things have returned to normal. Hey, they’re cats. That’s why we love them….Right?

Now you can save your pet's information and your own preferences so that anytime you come back to do a search, we will only look for hotels that match your particular requirements. You'll also be able to save your routes and directions, too! Plus much more…

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