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Motel 6 Santa Rosa Nm
3400 Will Rogers Dr, Santa Rosa, NM 88435
Barely Fit for Human Stays
This motel is dingy at best. Upon entering the room, the first thing I noticed was the odd smell. It was overpowering & nauseating but I never figured out the source. I believe it may be from the water in the bathroom. The walls of the room were dirty with grime & matter smeared on them. The floors were dirty as well. There had been too much banging into the walls as there were many scuffs & damage noted. The interior doors were dirty. After a long day of traveling, the worst element was the fact that there was no hot water in the shower. There was warm water in the sink, but the knob for the shower didn't work. This was truly heartbreaking at such a time. I tried to call the front office, but the phone didn't work either. I had to use my own bedding in this motel because there is no way I would sleep in theirs. I would never stay here again & do not recommend it at all.
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