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Pets do not get as excited about beaches as we do. After all, what's the big deal about lying around naked in the sun? They do it all the time. They've made it an art form, and they're pretty damn proud of it, too. So now, here you are asking them to go and watch humans do it badly. It's not a pretty picture. But if you distract them from the sorry scene by bringing alonga ball or frisbee, they might actually have a good time.

Since beaches rarely have phone numbers or addresses, we're simply listing pet-friendly beaches by city. If there are telephonenumbers/addresses, we'll supply them. However, the bestthing to do is call the Parks Department and Tourist Bureau for a specific locality to find out a beach's particular regulations.The key to bringing a pet to a beach is being responsible. Know the rules and follow them to a tee and we guarantee everybody will have alot of fun.


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