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Of all the pet services we can think of, Pet Sitters are one of the most useful and, perhaps, under appreciated. And what a luxury they offer! Think of the peace of mind you'll have when your animals are in the hands of someone who truly cares about them.

That's why we've gathered together the names of thousands of pet sitters around the country and put them into one database. Now you can get a pet sitter not only for your home, but also when you go on vacation. Even if you've taken the big step of bringing your dog on a trip, you still might want to go out one night to a movie. Well, just check out our database for your destination city and arrange for a pet sitter ahead of time. Brilliant! Your pet will appreciate the pampering and show you its gratitude by not urinating on the concierge. What more could you ask for?

Please interview the sitters to make sure they meet your standards. We have not been able to speak to all of them personally, so cannot be liable. However, we'd love to hear your feedback and comments so we can make sure that our lists contain only the very best.


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