Welcome to the NEW petswelcome.com! In order to make it easier for our visitors to find pet-friendly lodging, pet sitting, and other related pet travel services and information, we have updated the site with a brand new look so you can get to where you’re going faster and with less hassle. Just click on Lodgings at the top of the page to find the pet-friendly lodging of your choice. Choose US Lodgings to find ALL pet-friendly hotels, inns and B&Bs by state and city. Or pick Search by Route to get driving directions to your destination with pet-friendly lodgings along the way. If you prefer a specific type of place to stay with your pet, we also break them down by individual Hotel Chains, Bed and Breakfasts and Cabins and Cottages as well as places that welcome Cats and Larger Dogs. Or find the perfect pet-friendly Vacation Rental for you and your favorite animal. And we’ve just added a brand new section of Pet-friendly Vacation Destinations so that you can immediately access popular holiday locations without having to figure out the city or states that define it. Now you can just find pet-friendly hotels and beaches and parks in Cape Cod or the Upper Peninsula, for example, without knowing the name of a single town. So explore and discover new places to take your favorite animal. He’ll love you even more (if that’s possible….).

We also offer a wealth of pet travel information in our new Articles section, highlighting specific pet-friendly locales and events, including beaches, parks, stores and other attractions, as well as valuable how-to travel advice and health tips. Or check our Info Xchange bulletin board to ask questions and/or provide help to other pet travelers. From finding cheap flights on Pet-friendly Airlines to our Watchdog Club, where visitors offer up their favorite Fun and Cool Places to take animals, PetsWelcome covers everything you need to know to take your dog, cat, ferret, bird, bunny, horse, hamster or reptile on the road for a fun, safe and rewarding trip anywhere in the world.

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