4 Things You Can Do for Your Pet on the 4th of July

This week we will celebrate the 4th of July. Maybe some of your neighbors have already began the holiday by setting off firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other small fireworks. As exciting and as pretty as some fireworks can be, not everyone in the family likes fireworks, usually your pets. If your dog does not like […]

July 4th Tips for Pets to Keep Them Safe & Happy

Dogs are sensitive to their environment and anything that seems out of the ordinary can startle them. Noises like a motorcycle revving or a big boom from an empty truck hitting a pothole can make them jump. It can also make us jump. Fireworks tend to make many animals nervous and dogs that are easily […]

5 Tips to Help Decrease a Dog’s Anxiety About Loud Noises

My cats tend to hide under the bed if a loud noise scares them. Fireworks used to terrify them but over the years it seems they have adjusted to the booms. Thunderstorms do not bother them at all. I know several dogs who do not respond well to any loud noises they hear. Trucks, garbage […]

Anxious Dog? Try The Thundershirt

Does your dog start to become anxious when he sees you getting ready to leave the house? Does he shake, pant, and try to hide when there’s a thunderstorm? Maybe he barks, howls, and paces when he’s left alone in the house or destroys something due to his anxiety. Some dogs respond well to increased […]

7 Tips for Dogs Who Are Afraid of Storms

Many dogs are afraid of thunderstorms and may show signs of anxiety and fear before the storm arrives. It’s not clear as to why dogs react to storms. Some research thinks it might be the noise of thunder and others believe the EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) that shifts and changes with thunder storms may affect dogs. […]